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This section is a collection of information, articles and code that fills needs for PowerBuilder developers.

Got a problem with your app? Does your PowerBuilder IDE crash? As unique as your symptoms seem, there are several common things that can cause the problems, and several common steps you can use to narrow down your problem. The Troubleshooting Guide will take you through some of these common basic steps that have helped thousands of others trying to solve problems.

The Migraion Guide spells out for you several steps you can follow to avoid potential pitfalls in PowerBuilder migration.

PFC Notes takes you through some of the basic information a PFC developer needs, that may not be covered as well in other sources.

Even before the ability to save a DataWindow to PDF, saving a DataWindow’s presentation layer to a generic file format has been a long standing request. Many have neglected the capabilities of the HTML DataWindow that was added in PowerBuilder 7. It is relatively simple to save a DataWindow’s presentation layer as an HTML file.

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