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So, you’ve got a problem that you can’t figure out with just the debugger. Next step to call Sybase? Not necessarily. There are several standard troubleshooting steps that you can follow to try to get things going yourself. Several of these steps are steps that Sybase will likely have you follow anyway. Hopefully some of these steps will either get you closer to identifying the cause of your problem, or even to identifying a solution.

Standard First Steps: These are steps that everyone needs to do as soon as they experience a problem, but often neglect to do so. Some of these steps should be done on a regular basis, whether there is a problem or not!

Machine Code: People often run into problems building to machine code. This is a treatise that discusses some of the higher level issues around machine code building, and whether or not it is the best choice for you.

Abnormal Termination: Your program or IDE stopping without warning? There’s some steps here that may help.

Database Irregularities: Problems with data are the worst thing that could happen to most PowerBuilder applications. Here’s some ideas on how to identify how your data problems may be occurring.

Irregular Behaviour: Are you telling your program or IDE to do X, and it does Y? Before seeing a psychiatrist about hallucinations, check over some of these ideas to logically explain the illogical.

Anyone Else See It: There’s always strength in numbers, even if it is just to commiserate. If someone else has experienced the same problem you’re having, not only is it sanity confirming, but it may give you a lead on a solution or work around.

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