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15-Minute PFC
Learning Curve
Msg Router
LUW Service

The 15-Minute PFC Learning Curve attempts to debunk the myth that there is a lot to learn in order to start using PFC. It gives you the basics you need in order to start a project using PFC. It also explains why you don’t need to worry about other things you haven’t learned yet.

PFC’s Message Router is the heart of how PFC works. Understanding it is important. And, with the suggested tweak, you can use the message router to drive true encapsulation and polymorphism in your application.

Saving data is the most important part of any transactional system. As of PFC6, the Logical Unit of Work (LUW) Service is the best means of doing that. The LUW Service is the most powerful piece of code in PFC. Understand what it is doing so you can troubleshoot when problems arise. Know how it works, so you can customize the process to meet your needs.

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