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PBL Peeper is a Swiss Army knife for PowerBuilder developers. Built almost entirely in PowerBuilder, with one DLL to increase string processing performance, this tool provides a different way to access and manipulate PowerBuilder source code.

The Quick Overview gives you a “one page” list of what PBL Peeper is and what it can do. This is intended as an introduction to whet your appetite and help you decide if you want to Download this. If you decide to use this tool, review the manual that can be installed with it, or the Online Manual, which is an HTML equivalent of what gets installed with the tool. That, with some creativity, will get you far.

The Cost page describes the cost of using the tool.

The What’s New page describes what has changed in the tool, both recently and as far back as the tool has been publicly available. On the other side, the Futures page lists some of the ideas on what functionality may be added to the tool. If you like some of these ideas, or want to add some of your own, fill in the Survey and provide some information on how you use the tool and how you’d like the tool. For other types of information you’d like to pass back to the tool’s developer, like bug reports, use the Feedback page.

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