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This started out as an aid to developers looking for reasons to upgrade their version of PowerBuilder. However, partially in thanks to Sybase staff who provided me with older help files, this has become that, plus an historical archive. With permission from Sybase to republish their content, the links to the left will show what has been listed in the “What’s New” section of each version of PowerBuilder. (And, for those of you about to ask “Where is PowerBuilder 1.0?” think about it.... The whole product was new then.)

But this isn’t stopping with the present. In a look towards the future, the PowerBuilder’s Future page lists what Sybase has published, announced, taught and casually mentioned about features that are forthcoming in PowerBuilder and directly related products. While future announcements from technology companies should be viewed with only a little less skepticism than year-end psychic predictions in grocery store tabloids, this should give you a central place to see what is coming.

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