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You can install and uninstall PowerBuilder 11.5 without displaying messages or windows during the setup or removal process. However, you must accept the Sybase license agreement before you can run the silent install file. You can indicate your acceptance by typing the following line in a DOS command box before you type in the silent install batch file command:

    SET  AgreeToSybaseLicense=true

If the DOS prompt does not display the main PowerBuilder installation directory, you must change to that directory. From the same DOS command box, you can then run the silent install using the following syntax:

    silentinstall.bat ["lic=licPathNameOrServerName" "opt=product" "dir=directoryName" "shr=
    sharedDirectoryName" "log=logFileName"]

Modifying the batch file directly  You can indicate your acceptance of the Sybase license agreement by directly editing the silentinstall.bat file. You do this by changing the line in the batch file that reads set AgreeToSybaseLicense=false. You must change this line to read set AgreeToSybaseLicense=true. After you make this change, you can double-click the silentinstall.bat file to run the install with default selections rather than running it from a command line.

You can use the DOS command line to provide help for silent install parameters. The help is available by typing Help or a question mark after entering silentinstall.bat on the command line.

All of the parameters for the silent install are optional. If you do not provide a value for the "lic" parameter, the installer searches the files in the installer directory in ascending alphabetic order for a valid license file. It uses the first valid license file it finds to install PowerBuilder and InfoMaker. If you do not provide the "lic" parameter and there is no valid license file in the installer search path, an evaluation version of PowerBuilder is installed.

The parameters can be listed in any order and are not case sensitive. Parameter values are also not case sensitive.

Silent install parameter



The full path to a valid license file with an LIC extension, or the name of a server hosting a served license. If a license server requires a port number, you can include the port number after the server name separated by a colon. For example:
  silentinstall.bat  "lic=myServer:1688"


Names the product or products to install. Values are:

  • All (default) Installs PowerBuilder and InfoMaker
  • PB Installs PowerBuilder only
  • IM  Installs InfoMaker only


Indicates the main installation directory. If you omit this parameter, the main product components install to the sysDriver\Program Files\Sybase\productName directory, where sysDriver is the main computer drive and productName is either PowerBuilder 11.5 or InfoMaker 11.5.


Indicates the shared directory for PowerBuilder or InfoMaker. If you omit this parameter, this directory installs to sysDriver\Program Files\Sybase\Shared.


Names the log file for the installation. If you omit this parameter, the log file is written to the system Temp directory with the file name silentinstall.log.

If the license file you point to in the licPathNameOrServerName parameter is a professional or desktop license, InfoMaker will not be installed.

The following example uses all five parameters for the silent install command:

    silentinstall.bat "lic=D:\pb115\pb115.lic"
    "opt=pb" "dir=D:\pb115" "shr=D:\shared" "log=D:\install.log"

When installing PowerBuilder, the silent install writes warnings to its log file if the setup computer does not have any of the following items: SQL Anywhere 11, Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 or later, Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 SDK or later, Microsoft IIS 5.0 or later, or AJAX Extensions version 1.0. When installing InfoMaker, the silent install includes a warning in the log file if the setup computer does not have a working copy of SQL Anywere 11.0. If SQL Anywhere 11.0 is not found, the demonstration databases and code examples are not installed for PowerBuilder or for InfoMaker.

You run the standard silent uninstall by double-clicking the silentuninstall.bat file or running it from a command line.

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