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Windows Forms applications with the smart client feature combine the reach of the Web with the power of local computing hardware. They provide a rich user experience, with a response time as quick as the response times of equivalent client-server applications. The smart client feature simplifies application deployment and updates, and can take advantage of Sybase's MobiLink technology to provide occasionally connected capability. Applications that require significant data entry, retrieve large amounts of data (for example, more than 3 MB per request), or have a complex user interface are suitable candidates for Windows Forms deployment.

Use the .NET Windows Forms Application target wizard to create a Windows Forms target and deploy the application with the .NET Windows Forms Project painter. Enable intelligent deployment and update by selecting the smart client check box in the wizard or the painter. You can test the Windows Forms application by right-clicking on the project in the System Tree and selecting the Run menu item in the context menu. Click the Publish button in the Project painter to publish the application to a Web or FTP site or to the network file system so that your users can have easy access to the latest version.

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