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Although you can open objects in a PowerBuilder painter when they are checked in to source control, until you check them out again, any changes you make to those objects cannot be saved. By default, when you try to open an object under source control, PowerBuilder provides a warning message to let you know when the object is not checked out. You can avoid this type of warning message by clearing the "Suppress prompts to overwrite read-only files" check box on the Source Control tab of the Workspace Properties dialog box.

If you did not change the default, you can still select a check box on the first warning message that displays. After you select the "Do not display this message again" check box in a warning message box and click Yes, the check box on the Source Control tab is automatically cleared. This prevents warning messages from displaying the next time you open objects that are checked in to source control. Although warning messages do not display, you still cannot save any changes you make to these objects in a PowerBuilder painter.

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