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The PowerBuilder Application Server Plug-In is a standalone product that enables PowerBuilder users to deploy components to and write clients for third-party application servers. Supported servers in the first release of the product are WebSphere 6.1, WebLogic 9.2, and JBoss 4.0.4.

The EAServer Profiles dialog box has been renamed "Application Server Profiles" and can now be used to specify profiles for other J2EE servers.

New icons for the Application Server Component generator have been added to the Target, PB Object, and Project pages in the New dialog box in PowerBuilder Enterprise. New icons for the Application Server Proxy generator have been added to the Project page.The new wizards and their usage are very similar to the related EAServer wizards.

Some new features added to EAServer components also apply to application server components. For example, they can be deployed as EJB 2.1 Web services, and you can specify security roles and custom EJB properties in the Project painter.

These changes are also in PowerBuilder 10.5.1.

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