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Byte array conversion functions

A new PowerScript function, GetByteArray, and a new syntax for the Blob function have been added to enable conversion between blobs and byte arrays.

The syntaxes are:

    Blob ( any stringorbytearray ) returns blob
    GetByteArray ( blob input ) returns Any

Two ways to use trim functions

A new overloaded version of the Trim, LeftTrim, and RightTrim functions has been added. By default, these functions trim only space characters. To trim all types of white space characters, such as tabs and carriage returns, set the optional second argument to true. The default is false.

Using \s in a filter expression

You can now append \s to the filter expression you use with the SetFilter DataWindow function if you want to compare strings in ASCII order instead of dictionary order. For example, the following expression shows only rows in which column 2 begins with a or b, because the ASCII values of uppercase letters are lower than the ASCII values of lowercase letters:

    #2 >= 'a' and #2 < 'c' \s

Without the \s, rows in which column 2 begins with A, a, B, or b would display.

See the function descriptions in the online Help for more information.

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