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If a column with the Edit or EditMask edit style contains character data that is too long for the display column in the DataWindow, the data is truncated. You can choose to display an ellipsis at the end of the truncated data. To do so, select the Use Ellipsis check box on the Format page in the Properties view or specify the UseEllipsis DataWindow object property in a script:

    dw1.Object.col1.Edit.UseEllipsis = Yes

    dw1.Object.col1.EditMask.UseEllipsis = Yes

For displayed text, if the end of the string does not fit in the rectangle, it is truncated and the ellipsis is displayed. The ellipsis does not display when the column has focus.

The property is ignored if you:

  • Check Autosize Height on the Position page or set the Height.Autosize property in a script.
  • Specify an expression for the Escapement property on the Font page to rotate the text or set the Font.Escapement property in a script.

The UseEllipsis DataWindow object property is not supported in Web Forms applications.

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