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The following changes have been made to the TreeView DataWindow:

  • You can hide tree nodes in the detail band by setting a height of 0 for the detail.
  • You can move rows in a TreeView and they will retain their expanded or collapsed state.
  • You no longer need to define user-defined events for the Collapsing, Collapsed, Expanding, and Expanded events—they are now standard events on the DataWindow object.

The TreeView DataWindow style can also be used to create Web DataWindows in .NET Web Forms applications in PowerBuilder 11.0. (The TreeView Web DataWindow style for Web DataWindows is not supported in JSP targets.)

The TreeView Web DataWindow supports most of the features available in the TreeView DataWindow in Windows applications. The ShowConnectLines and ShowLeafNodeConnectLines properties are not supported in the current release for performance reasons.

Image files used for tree node icons, like other image files, must be deployed to the Web site with the PBL. To do this, select the icon on the Resource Files page in the Project painter.

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