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In PowerBuilder 11.2, you can select a digital certificate from a certificate store to sign your smart client application manifests. Previously you could only select a certificate from a file browser. You make the selection on the Publish page in the Project painter for a .NET Windows Forms target when Publish as a smart client application is selected on the General page. You can also select a password protected certificate.

A digital certificate is a file that contains a cryptographic public/private key pair, along with metadata describing the publisher to whom the certificate was issued and the agency that issued the certificate.

Digital certificates are a core component of the Microsoft Authenticode authentication and security system. Authenticode is a standard part of the Windows operating system. To be compatible with the .NET Framework security model, all PowerBuilder .NET applications must be signed with a digital certificate, regardless of whether they participate in Trusted Application Deployment.Use the Select from Store or Select from File buttons to select a certificate from a certificate store or from your file system. If the certificate requires a password, a dialog box displays so that you can enter it. When you select a valid certificate, detailed information displays in the Project painter.

If you do not specify a certificate, PowerBuilder generates a test certificate for you automatically, but you should not deploy an application with a test certificate when you are ready to publish a production application.

For more information about Trusted Application Deployment, see the Microsoft Web site at http://msdn2.microsoft.com/en-us/library/01daf08f.aspx .

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