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PowerBuilder 11.2 uses Telerik RadControls for menus, toolbars, and other controls in Web Forms applications by default. Although not recommended, you can use IE Web Controls instead of the RadControls, but you must change the PBWebControlSource global property for your application and install the IE Web Controls on the server.

Telerik RadControls provide enhanced functionality for Web Forms toolbars and menus, DatePicker and MonthCalendar controls, and TreeView controls. The PBWebControlSource property is set to RAD and you need to make sure you have downloaded the ASP.NET AJAX extensions as described in "AJAX update functionality for Web Forms applications".

If you want to use IE Web Controls, you need to download IE Web Controls from the Microsoft Web site at and install the controls. After you install the IE Web Controls by running the build.bat file included in the download, you must copy the controls to a webctrl_client\1_0 directory under the IIS root.

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