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Virtual directories in IIS 7 are hosted in an application pool. An application pool is the host process for one or more Web applications. When you deploy a PowerBuilder Web Forms application to IIS 7 in PowerBuilder 11.2, the application is deployed to a PowerBuilder-specific application pool named PBAppPool. On 64-bit Vista, the PBAppPool pool is configured to run 32-bit applications.

To avoid compatibility issues with some features, such as the TreeView control, Web Forms applications deployed from PowerBuilder must run in an application pool that uses the classic managed pipeline mode, where ASP.NET runs as an ISAPI extension. The PBAppPool application pool uses the integrated managed pipeline mode by default, but you should change it to use the classic mode if you use TreeView controls.

To change the PBAppPool managed pipeline mode to classic:

  1. In IIS Manager, select Application Pools.
  2. In the list of Application Pools, double-click PBAppPool.
  3. Set Managed Pipeline Mode to Classic and click OK.
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