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In PowerBuilder 11.2, you can build a .NET client application that invokes methods of Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) components or PowerBuilder EAServer components running in EAServer 6.1 or later. This capability is based on the .NET client ORB library introduced in EAServer 6.1.

Installation requirement   When you install EAServer, you must install the .NET support option.

You can use either the Connection object or the JaguarORB object to connect to the component in EAServer, and you can connect from PowerBuilder .NET Windows Forms and Web Forms applications and from PowerBuilder .NET assemblies and Web services.

For information on the differences in behavior of Connection objects and JaguarOrb objects when you connect to EAServer from a .NET client, see the "Building .NET clients for EAServer" chapter in the Deploying Applications and Components to .NET book. This chapter also provides a table of supported CORBA datatypes and describes how to connect to EAServer using an SSL connection.

For detailed information on building an EAServer client, see the "Building an EAServer Client" chapter in Application Techniques.

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