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The PowerBuilder 11.1 setup program installs Telerik RadControls for ASP.NET, and PowerBuilder automatically deploys these controls with your Web Forms applications. RadControls provide enhanced functionality for Web Forms toolbars and menus, and can be used in place of the IE Web Controls that were required for PowerBuilder 11.0. The PowerBuilder installed RadControl set also includes DatePicker and MonthCalendar controls.

Incomplete control set for RadControl preview   The RadControl TreeView control is not included in the current PowerBuilder release, so if your Web Forms application uses TreeView controls, you must install IE Web Controls.

The PBWebControlSource global property lets you switch between "old style" controls and the installed RadControl control set. You can set this property at design time on the Configuration tab of the Web Forms Project painter, or you can change its value after deployment in the Web.config file for your Web Forms application.

You can set one of the following values for the PBWebControlSource global property:

  • IE This setting causes the Web Forms application to use IE Web Controls for application toolbars and menus, and "old style" controls for DatePicker and MonthCalendar controls. This is the default setting. You must install IE Web Controls for use with this setting.
  • RAD This setting causes the Web Forms application to use RadControls for application toolbars and menus, and for DatePicker and MonthCalendar controls. If you use this setting with applications that include TreeView controls, you must still install IE Web Controls.

The ability to switch to IE Web Controls is maintaind for backward compatibility only and should not be used for new development. Microsoft no longer provides support for these controls.

 For information about installing IE Web Controls, see the first chapter in the Deploying Applications and Components to .NET book.

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