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Support for Unicode command files

In PowerBuilder 11.1, you can use either Unicode or ANSI command files. Previously, only ANSI command files were supported.

Building Windows Forms projects

PowerBuilder 11.1 includes a new ORCA library function for silently building and deploying a Windows Forms project according to the specifications contained in the project object.

For information on the PBORCA_DeployWinFormProject function, see the PDF file for the ORCA Guide that the PowerBuilder 11.1 setup program installs in the PowerBuilder SDK\ORCA directory.

You can call the Windows Forms deployment function with the following OrcaScript command:

    Deploy WinForm Project "pblName" "entryName"  ["iconName"]

The arguments you supply for this command are the name of the library containing the project you want to deploy, the name of the project object, and optionally, the name of an application icon.

For more information about OrcaScript, see Appendix B in the PowerBuilder User's Guide.

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