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TipWatch and QuickWatch features have been added to the debugger to enable you to get the current value of variables and expressions from the Source view when execution stops at a breakpoint. You can also copy strings from the Source view to other tools in the debugger, and use predefined shortcut key combinations for common actions such as continue and step in, out, and over.


When execution stops at a breakpoint, you can place the mouse pointer over a variable in the Source view to display a pop-up tip window that shows the current value of that variable. TipWatch shows the current value for variables of simple datatypes. For object types, it shows only an internal identifier. For array types, it shows {...} to indicate that more information is available. To show complete information for object type and array type variables, use QuickWatch.

You can also select a simple expression to display its current value. If the selected string cannot be parsed, the pop-up window does not display. TipWatch does not evaluate function, assignment, or variable value modification expressions.

When you are debugging a remote component, TipWatch does not evaluate expressions or indirect variables.


When execution stops at a breakpoint, you can move the edit cursor to a variable or select an expression in the Source view and select QuickWatch from the Debug or pop-up menu to open the QuickWatch dialog box. You can also use the Shift+F9 shortcut.

The QuickWatch dialog box displays the current value of simple variables and detailed information about object variables, including the values of all fields in the variable. QuickWatch can also evaluate function expressions.

Exercise caution when evaluating expressions  QuickWatch evaluates all kinds of expressions, including functions, in local debugging. If you select a function and activate QuickWatch, the function is executed. This may have unexpected results. For example, if you select dw_1.print() and activate QuickWatch, the DataWindow is printed.

You can also:

  • Select an item in the tree view and click Change Value or double-click the tree view item to open the Modify Variable dialog box so that you can change the value of the variable.
  • Change the variable or expression in the Expression text box and click Reevaluate to display the new value of the string in the tree view. immediately
  • Click Add Watch to add the current watch variable or expression to the Watch view in the debugger

When you are debugging a remote component, expressions and indirect variables are not evaluated, and you cannot modify variable values.

Copy menu item

When text is selected in the Source view in the debugger, you can select Copy from the pop-up menu in the Source view to copy the string to the clipboard. You can then paste the string into another dialog box to search for the string, insert a watch, or add a conditional breakpoint.

Shortcut keys

Default shortcut keys have been added for most items on the Debug menu. If you prefer to use a different set of shortcuts, select Tools>Keyboard Shortcuts to replace the defaults with your own key combinations.

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