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The following DataWindow enhancements have been made in PowerBuilder 9:

DataWindow print enhancements

Several print enhancements have been added for DataWindows in PowerBuilder 9 applications:

  • A new property allows clipping the text in a text field on a printed report
  • The DataWindow.Print.ClipText property allows you to clip the text of a static field to the dimensions of a text field when the text field has no visible border setting. Text is automatically clipped for text fields with visible border settings even if this property is not set. Values for this property are:

    Yes — The printed text does not overrun the text field
    No — (Default) The entire text can overrun the text field dimensions on printed pages

  • A new property allows overriding default specifications of a print job
  • The DataWindow.Print.OverridePrintJob property allows you to override the print job print settings defined in the PrintOpen method with the print specifications of the DataWindow. Values are:

    Yes — Override the print job print settings
    No — (Default) Do not override the print job print settings

  • A new property allows you to specify a printer for a DataWindow report
  • The DataWindow.Print.PrinterName property allows you to direct a report to a specific printer. You can specify the printer name programmatically or in the Properties view of the DataWindow painter. If a printer name is not specified, print output is directed to the default printer for the user's machine.

  • Printing multiple copies of a DataWindow report is enhanced
  • The DataWindow.Print.Copies property can now be used to print multiple copies of a report even when the printer driver does not support the multiple-copies specification of a print job. If the printer driver does not support multiple copies, then the DataWindow engine compensates for the driver by repeatedly printing the current page for the indicated number of copies.

  • The Print.Collate property can be set in the DataWindow painter
  • The DataWindow property to allow collating printed copies of a DataWindow report can now be set in the PowerBuilder UI. Previously you had to set this property programmatically. The default value for this property has also been changed from No to Yes to maintain behavior in existing applications where this property was set.

You can set all the new DataWindow properties in PowerScript dot notation and with the Describe and Modify methods. You can also set most of the new properties on the Printer Specifications page of the DataWindow Properties view in the DataWindow painter.

DataWindow print property

UI option

DataWindow.Print.ClipText (new)

Clip Text check box

DataWindow.Print.Collate (enhanced)

Collate Copies check box

DataWindow.Print.Copies (enhanced)

Not available in UI

DataWindow.Print.PrinterName (new)

Printer Name text box

DataWindow.Print.OverridePrintJob (new)

Override Print Job check box

Child DataWindow retrieval

In PowerBuilder 9, you can prevent the automatic retrieval of a child DataWindow when you retrieve the contents of the parent DataWindow. You can do this by clearing the AutoRetrieve check box for a DropDownDataWindow control on the Edit page of the control's property sheet or by programmatically setting the new Edit.AutoRetrieve property to No.

The AutoRetrieve property is turned on by default. If you turn off the automatic retrieval property of a child DataWindow, you can retrieve the child DataWindow by obtaining its handle and using the handle to trigger the retrieval. In this case, you can wait until retrieval of the parent DataWindow is complete before programmatically retrieving the child DataWindow.

When you turn the AutoRetrieve property off and retrieve a child DataWindow programmatically, subsequent Reset or Retrieve calls on the parent DataWindow do not reset the contents of the child DataWindow.

Group report scrolling

A check box for the DataWindow.HideGrayLine property has been added to the General page of the Properties view for a DataWindow in the DataWindow painter. The check box is enabled only for a DataWindow with group headers.

The HideGrayLine property allows you to hide a gray line indicating that a fixed page has been crossed when scrolling in a DataWindow with group headers. By default this property is turned off. You must select this property or set it programmatically to Yes to prevent the appearance of a gray line during scrolling of a group DataWindow.

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