Using the System Tree window
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Workspace tab
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The System Tree window provides an active resource of programming information that you can use to make developing targets faster and easier. It not only lets you get information; it also lets you drag objects into painter views (such as the Script view, Layout view, and HTML editor) for immediate use.

This page

Displays this content

Workspace tab page

Workspace contents—including targets, folders, files, and libraries

Page tab page

The page components of the active page open in the HTML editor

Language tab page

HTML tags, client and server-side object models (objects, properties, methods, and events), and JavaScript, DynaScript, and VBScript syntax elements

Components tab page

ActiveX controls, Plugins, Java Applets, JavaBeans, and EAServer components available to your target

The System Tree window displays by default when you start PowerBuilder for the first time. You can hide or display the System Tree using the System button on the PowerBar or by selecting Window>System Tree.

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