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The SYC database interface has been enhanced to provide support for new functionality in Adaptive Server Enterprise Version 12.0 — in addition to the support it already provides for SQL Server 10.x and 11.x and ASE 11.x.


Update to the Release DBParm The Release DBParm specifies version of SQL Server 10/11 or Adaptive Server Enterprise database your PowerBuilder application connects to and the Open Client Client-Library (CT-Lib) it uses. To specify that your application accesses ASE 12, which uses Open Client CT-Lib 11.x, set Release to 12. When Release is set to 12, PowerBuilder can perform client failover and access the java.lang.Object data type for Java classes in SQL, as described below. You must specify a value for Release before connecting to the database in PowerBuilder.

Failover support The enhanced SYC database interface now supports failover when connecting to an ASE 12.0 database server. A new DBParm (SvrFailover) allows you to select failover behavior. It is set via the Network tab and must be specified before connecting to the database in PowerBuilder. You must also add entries to the SQL.INI or interfaces file naming the primary database server and the database server to which to failover. Refer to the Adaptive Server Enterprise 12 documentation for more information.

DBParms supported by SYC only The Release and SvrFailover DBParms are supported by the SYC database interface only. They are not supported by the SYJ database interface.

Support for Java classes in SQL With new extensions supporting Java, including a Java VM executing in the server, ASE 12.0 allows users to define their own abstract data types and methods. The enhanced SYC database interface allows you to view tables that have columns based on a Java class. (A Java class is indicated by the generic data type java.lang.Object.) You can also create basic utility procedures using Java static methods.

Restrictions on Java classes in SQL You cannot declare a Java static method as a remote procedure call (RPC) within a PowerBuilder application script. You also cannot create a DataWindow based on Java static methods. In addition, columns based on a Java class cannot be used in a DataWindow or a pipeline definition.

Support for ANSI SQL-92 outer join syntax generation The SYC interface can now generate ANSI SQL-92 outer join SQL syntax when you create a new DataWindow. For more information, see Support for ANSI outer join SQL syntax generation.

Support for database proxy connections in EAServer The SYJ interface now allows you to retrieve a connection by proxy from a EAServer connection cache. For more information, see Support for database proxy connections in EAServer.

For more information

See the DBParm descriptions in the online help for:




For information about new DBParms, select the What's New button on the Help window and select New DBParms.

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