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Common Views


Most of the PowerBuilder 7 painters have a painter window with views (like the Debugger in PowerBuilder 6).

A painter window contains several views. Each provides a specific way of viewing or modifying the object you are creating or a specific kind of information related to that object.

Here the Layout view shows the window's layout; the Script view shows the code and the Properties view shows the properties for the selected command button; and the Control List view shows the window's controls:

Several views in a painter window mean you can work on more than one task at a time. In the Window painter for example, you can now see and modify window controls and code them at the same time. Since the old Script painter is now a view, there is no need to close a scripting window in order to work on the window design.


When a painter first opens, the default views display in panes. In some painters, several panes are overlapped and have tabs you can click to pop the pane to the top of the stack. Each pane shows a different view. For some painters, all available views are included in the default layout; for others, only a few views are included.

Each pane has:

  • A title bar you can display temporarily or permanently
  • A handle in the top-left corner you can use to drag the pane to a new location
  • Splitter bars between the pane and each adjacent pane

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