Opening Existing Objects
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New Objects

Open dialog box

To open existing objects, you use the Open dialog box:

To do this

Do this

Open an existing object

Click the Open button in the PowerBar
Select File>Open from the menu bar

Selecting the object  In the Open dialog box, you select the object type from the Object Type dropdown list, then the library or libraries you want to look in, and then the object you want to open.

Displaying objects from many libraries  To find an object more easily, you can select more than one library in the Application Libraries listbox. Use ctrl+click to toggle selected libraries and shift+click to select a range

Accessing recently opened objects  You can quickly open recently opened objects by selecting File>Recent Objects from the menu bar. The Recent Objects list includes the eight most-recently-opened objects. You can include up to 36 objects on the list: select Window>System Options.

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