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The new buttons on the left end of the PowerBar represent a major change in the way you work in PowerBuilder.

New, Inherit, Open, and Preview buttons  Enable you to work with objects anytime without first thinking about the painter you need to use.

Use this PowerBar button

To do this


Access wizards (Start, Object, and Project) and tools and create new objects


Create a new object using inheritance


Open an existing object


Run a window or preview a DataWindow

Select Application and Library List buttons  Enable you to change applications and specify the application's associated libraries. You no longer use the Application painter for these changes.

Use this PowerBar button

To do this

Select Application

Change the current application by selecting an existing application or creating a new application

Library List

Specify the libraries for the current application

To-Do List button  Enables you to display the To-Do List. Most PowerBuilder wizards add items to the To-Do List, and you can add items too. Items can have links to the location in PowerBuilder where the item will be completed.

Use this PowerBar button

To do this

To-Do List

Display the To-Do List; track development tasks that PowerBuilder automatically added to the list; add items of your own; and for linked items, quickly go to the painter and object you want

For more information

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To-Do List to track and facilitate development

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