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Opening painters


These buttons have been removed from the PowerBar:

PowerBuilder 6 PowerBar button

Change for PowerBuilder 7

All buttons for painters used to create or open objects stored in PBLs

To work with objects, use the New, Inherit, and Open buttons on the PowerBar. You can access painters in the New dialog box on the Object, DataWindow, and Database tab pages

Dropdown PowerPanel

Both the standalone PowerPanel and the dropdown PowerPanel have been eliminated. You can add a new dropdown PowerPanel to the PowerBar by customizing the PowerBar

Configure ODBC

The ODBC Administrator is now an ODBC utility in the Database painter

Table painter

The Table painter no longer exists. Now you create and alter tables in the Database painter's Columns and Object Details views

Web.PB Wizard

The Web.PB wizard has been moved to the New dialog box (Project tab page)

OLE Generate Registration

OLE Generate Registration is now the Automation Server Wizard found in the New dialog box (Project tab page)


The Synchronizer is available on the Sybase Web site at www.sybase.com

Run Window

The new Preview button on the PowerBar (PowerTip text is Run/Preview) allows you to run a window or preview a DataWindow

Customizing the PowerBar  You can customize the PowerBar and add buttons to it — but not for accessing painters.

Report painter  The Report painter is no longer available in PowerBuilder. You can open a report (a PSR file) in the DataWindow painter. You can preview a report by clicking the Preview button on the PowerBar and selecting an object of type DataWindow. To create a report, create an nonupdatable DataWindow in PowerBuilder or use InfoMaker.

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