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The DataWindow Web control for ActiveX is a fully interactive DataWindow control for use with Internet Explorer. It implements all the features of the PowerBuilder DataWindow except rich text. Some PowerBuilder DataWindow methods that access the file system are not supported so that the Web control will be safely scriptable in a web page.

Included with the DataWindow Web control is the DataWindow Transaction Object control for making database connections that can be shared by several DataWindow Web controls. The Web control makes database connections using JDBC.


To use the DataWindow Web control, you:

  1. Define DataWindow objects in PowerBuilder or DataWindow Builder.
  2. Create a web page in PowerSite and insert the DataWindow Web control. Optionally, insert a Transaction Object control.
  3. Using the control's custom property dialog, specify the library file and DataWindow object to be displayed in the control.
  4. Set connection information for the DataWindow Web control or the Transaction Object control.
  5. Use the CODEBASE attribute of the Object element to refer to the Web control's CAB file. This allows the browser to install the control on a user's system.
  6. Write JScript code for connecting, retrieving data, and responding to user actions.
  7. Deploy the web page and the CAB file containing the ActiveX controls on a web server.

For more information

These topics are in the DataWindow Programmer's Guide section of the Help:

About the DataWindow Web control for ActiveX
HTML for inserting the controls on a web page
How to use the DataWindow Web control in PowerSite
Using the DataWindow Transaction Object control
Making database connections
Coding for the DataWindow Web control
Deploying the DataWindow Web control

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