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CAB file for deployment

The PowerBuilder installation directory includes a CAB file that contains all files and information the Internet Explorer web browser needs for installing the DataWindow Web control and the DataWindow Transaction Object control. The CAB file includes:

  • An Open Software Distribution information file
  • DLLs for the controls
  • Java class files for the JDBC driver

The browser manages installation of the ActiveX controls using the information in the CAB file. It installs the controls in the system registry and maintains its Java class path. All you have to do is tell the browser how to find the CAB file.

  • To make the DataWindow Web control and Transaction Object control available to your users:
  1. Put the CAB file on your web server.
  2. Refer to the CAB file on the web page in the CODEBASE attribute of the Object element.

In PowerSite, you can accomplish both goals by:

  • Including the CAB file in your project and deploying it to the web server along with your other project files.
  • Specifying a value for Network Code Base in the Object property dialog. The value is the name and relative path for the CAB file, plus the version number. If the CAB file is part of your PowerSite project, use the browse button to find the CAB file on the Project tab page.
  • For information about specifying the correct value for CODEBASE, see "HTML for inserting the controls on a web page".

Deploying a new version

The version number in the value of the CODEBASE attribute determines whether the browser downloads and installs a new version of the ActiveX controls. The browser compares the version number in the CODEBASE value with the version of the controls that are installed in the system registry. If the version numbers don't match, it downloads the CAB file again and installs it.

  • To deploy the new CAB file when you get a new version of PowerBuilder:
  1. Find the new version number by checking the version number of any PowerBuilder DLL (as described in "HTML for inserting the controls on a web page").
  2. Edit the web pages that refer to the CAB file. Change the version number in the CODEBASE attribute to match the new number.
  3. Replace the CAB file on the web server with the new version.
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