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PowerBuilder 7 has wizards that simplify the initial creation of applications and components. Using your specifications, wizards can create multiple objects, and in some cases automatically generate complex code that you can modify as needed.

Many wizards generate entries on the To-Do List to track and facilitate the development of the application, object, or component.

PowerBuilder also has DataWindow wizards for creating DataWindow objects in specific presentation styles.

There are three related wizard types:

  • Start wizards  For creating new applications containing one or more objects
  • The Jaguar Component, COM/MTS Component, and Automation Server Start wizards have associated Object wizards. Some Start and Object wizards let you create a project; others always create one.

  • Object wizards  For creating new custom class user objects in an existing application
  • Project wizards  For creating a project that will build an application or generate a component or proxy

As an example of how wizards are related, assume you want to develop and deploy Jaguar components. To do this, you can use:

  • Jaguar Component Start wizard  To create a new application, a new custom class user object, and the project object needed to generate the Jaguar component and deploy the component to a Jaguar server
  • Jaguar Component Object wizard  To create a new custom class user object in an existing application and create the project object
  • Jaguar Component Project wizard  To create a project object that will generate a Jaguar component from one or more existing custom class user objects and optionally deploy the component to a Jaguar server


To access wizards, click the New button in the PowerBar to open the New dialog box. You'll find wizards on the Start Wizards, Object, DataWindow, and Project tab pages. The New dialog box is also where you open tools and create new objects without using wizards.

In a wizard, you supply the information the wizard needs on each page and click Next.

Getting Help on wizard entries  If you need help with the information you need to give the wizard, click the Help [?] button in the upper right corner of the window and then point and click on the field you need help with.

On the last page, review the information you provided. If you want the wizard to generate To-Do List entries, be sure the Generate To-Do List checkbox is selected.

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