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PowerBuilder provides a standard version control interface (the PowerBuilder SCC API) that is based on the Microsoft Common Source Code Control Interface Specification, Version 0.00.0823.


You can use the PowerBuilder SCC API with any version control system that implements features defined in the Microsoft specification. Among the advantages of using this interface with a version control system are that the PowerBuilder SCC API:

  • Synchronizes the object in the public library with the archive as part of the check-out procedure
  • Will be modified in future PowerBuilder releases to support functions added to version control systems to augment this Microsoft specification

Some of the new features this interface offers are:

  • More comprehensive registration reporting functionality
  • A new trace logging capability
  • The ability to require check-in comments
  • The ability to compare an object in the work library with the object in the archive and display differences


In the Library painter, select Source>Connect, then select SCC API in the Vendor listbox. If you have more than one version control system installed and configured for the PowerBuilder SCC API, you will be prompted to select one system.

For more information

For more information, see Using the PowerBuilder SCC API.

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