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The PowerBuilder window ActiveX control is a component object that can hold PowerBuilder child windows. In addition to providing all the capabilities of the PowerBuilder Netscape plug-ins, the PowerBuilder window ActiveX control features access via JavaScript or VBScript to a subset of the window's events and functions.

The PowerBuilder window ActiveX control includes methods you can call to invoke functions and events in the window contained in the control. Additionally, certain events in the control trigger events in the ActiveX container. When an event fires, it first executes any PowerBuilder script for the event and then executes the code (JavaScript or VB Script) implemented for the container.

A PowerBuilder window displayed in the PowerBuilder window ActiveX can include all the familiar controls, including DataWindows, OLE objects, other ActiveX controls, and TreeView controls. You can also open other (popup and response) windows from the child window.

As the user interacts with controls in the windows, scripts for the control's events are executed just as they are in standalone PowerBuilder applications. Database access by the window occurs locally using the client's defined database connections.

The objects in the application can be contained in one or more PowerBuilder dynamic libraries (PBDs).


Use the PowerBuilder window ActiveX to provide a graphical interface inside HTML pages. You can use it with any Web browser that supports ActiveX. This includes Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator running the ActiveX plug-in.

Although this feature is primarily intended for use with Web browsers that support ActiveX, you can display a PowerBuilder window or DataWindow in any application that supports ActiveX.

The PowerBuilder window ActiveX requires that the client workstation contain the PowerBuilder deployment DLLs as well as a registered version of the PowerBuilder window ActiveX module (either PBRX60.OCX or PBRXS60.OCX).

Note: This discussion does not yet include certain PowerBuilder window ActiveX features, such as code signing, automatic downloading and Cabinet file support.


Secure mode

PBRXS60.OCX is the secure-mode version of the PowerBuilder window ActiveX.


To use the PowerBuilder window ActiveX:

  1. Create, test, and build the PowerBuilder application.
  2. Create a PBD.
  3. Register the PowerBuilder window ActiveX on the HTML development workstation.
  4. Create an HTML page that includes your PowerBuilder application window. This page can include JavaScript or VBScript that interacts with the window.
  5. Configure the Web server by copying the HTML pages, the PowerBuilder window ActiveX, and PBD files for the application to the appropriate directories.
  6. On all client workstations, install the PowerBuilder window ActiveX and the PowerBuilder deployment DLLs.


  • GetArgElement
  • GetLastReturn
  • InvokePBFunction
  • ResetArgElements
  • TriggerPBEvent
  • SetArgElement

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