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Populating the
Error Object

The following deployment and execution time enhancements have been added:

  • A smaller deployment kit
  • Several of the PowerBuilder DLLs (shared libraries) in the PowerBuilder deployment kit have been combined to simplify the installation of the deployment kit and reduce the disk space it requires. DLLs that support  a specific feature such as RichText or DataWindows are not required if your application does not make use of the feature.

  • The Sychronizer, a tool that enables an application to automatically update itself with the latest application files at application startup or system startup
  • You can create both Pcode and machine code executables for deployment on 16-bit platforms
  • The new PopulateError function and changes to the SignalError function provide new ways to populate the Error object.
  • New functions for garbage collection let you control when it occurs
  • You can invoke the Web.PB wizard and the OLEGenReg utility from the PowerBar
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