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ObjectCycle is a powerful tool for managing software components in a team setting. You can use ObjectCycle to quickly and easily set up your development projects.  The familiar Windows Explorer metaphor allows you to specify which objects to put under ObjectCycle’s control.  Simply drag and drop project folders to register them with the ObjectCycle server.

ObjectCycle works with any type of object - including objects stored in PowerBuilder libraries such as windows, menus, DataWindows, OCX’s, bitmaps, icons, DLLs (dynamic link libraries), and even Word Documents.

ObjectCycle Server resides on a network server, providing centralized version control services to multiple clients.  ObjectCycle stores all objects in a relational database that resides on top of a multi-threaded, RPC-enabled server. The initial release supports Windows NT as a Win32 service process.  Windows 95 is also supported as a shared peer-to-peer server. 

ObjectCycle is comprised of the following components:

  • ObjectCycle Client - a library of software containing athin layer RPC client API
  • ObjectCycle Server - ObjectCycle server software and ObjectCycle Database
  • ObjectCycle Client Utilities - Includes the PowerBuilder interface to ObjectCycle and optional software components used to connect to the ObjectCycle Server.  Includes the ObjectCycle Manager, a graphical application that provide a graphical interface to the ObjectCycle Server and is used to perform version control functions on non-PowerBuilder objects - as well as administration of PowerBuilder objects and projects.

PowerBuilder 5.0 and ObjectCycle

Object Cycle Projects

ObjectCycle Labels

ObjectCycle Server

ObjectCycle Client Library

ObjectCycle Manager

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