Using the Graph Presentation Style
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  1. Select a data source and then select Graph as the presentation style.
  2. Define the data source and click the OK button. The Graph Data window displays.
  3. Tip     If the data in the data source is not sorted, use Sort on the Rows menu of the workspace to specify sort criteria.

  4. Select the data you want to include in the graph. The default is All the data in the DataWindow object, you can restrict it to only data on the current page of the DataWindow by selecting Page from the Data listbox or to specific group by selecting a group.
  5. Enter the name of the series you want to include in the graph in the Series box or select the name from the Series dropdown listbox.
  6. Tip     If you use a literal instead of the column name for the series name, enclose it in quotes: "Q1".

  7. Enter the name of the category you want to display on the category axis in the Category box or select the name from the Category dropdown listbox.
  8. Tip  If you enter a literal as the category name, enclose it in quotes:  "Total Salary"

  9. Enter an expression or column name in the Value box or you can paint the expression by selecting the functions and column names from the Value dropdown listbox. If the value expression does not contain an aggregate function, PowerBuilder does not sort the rows and the order in the graph will match the order of the DataWindow rows.
  10. Note   Duplicates are always removed from the graph.

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