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A PictureButton is a button that is used to carry out or cancel an action. For example, you can use an OK button to confirm a deletion or a CANCEL button to cancel a requested deletion.

A PictureButton has a gray border. When the user clicks a PictureButton, the border becomes a darker gray and the text of the PictureButton moves to the right so the button looks pressed. The text in the button is on a transparent background, so the picture displays through the text.

When you place a PictureButton in a window or User Object, you specify a picture (.BMP or .RLE) that displays when the PictureButton is enabled and optionally, another picture that displays when the PictureButton is disabled. When the PictureButton is disabled, PowerBuilder grays the text, and if you specified a disabled picture, it displays the disabled picture.

Every PictureButton control has:

    A style, which is determined by its attributes

    Events, which can trigger the execution of scripts

    Functions, which are part of the definition of the PictureButton and are used in scripts to change the style or behavior of the PictureButton, or to obtain information about the PictureButton

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