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Toolbars contain icons that you can use to open a painter, to open tools in a painter, or to execute commands such as run the current report, delete the selected controls, or exit the program. The toolbars are designed to make working with PowerBuilder easier and faster.

Toolbar modes

PowerBuilder has two toolbar modes: PowerBar modes and PowerPanel mode. In PowerBar mode the PowerBar displays when you initiate a PowerBuilder session and is the main control point for building PowerBuilder queries and reports. When you open a painter, the PowerBar continues display.

In PowerPanel mode, the PowerPanel displays when you initiate a PowerBuilder session and is the main control point for building PowerBuilder reports. When you open a painter, the PowerPanel is hidden.

You can easily switch between modes and can display the PowerPanel at any time by pressing Ctrl+P.

Painter toolbars

Each painter has toolbar. In PowerBar mode, the PowerBar displays in the painters along with the painter toolbar unless you specify that you do not want it to display. PowerBuilder also has a StyleBar and a ColorBar, which are available in the Report painters.

Each toolbar has a default set of icons. The default PowerBar has the same icons as the PowerPanel: icons to open each painter and to execute commands. The painter toolbars have icons to open tools and execute commands within the current painter.

The StyleBar icons to format text and the ColorBar displays the colors you can use in the Report painters.

Toolbar display

You can control which toolbars display in a painter, where they display (in a toolbar dock or floating) and what icons display in each toolbar. PowerBuilder saves any changes you make to the toolbar configuration and remembers them across sessions. PowerBuilder also saves the toolbar mode. You can change these setting anytime.

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