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After work

Sequel was born at an early age. From that early age, Sequel was trained by her mother in all the quick adoption techniques: romping and playing, tail pouncing, huddling in a corner pathetically, and, of course, mewing plaintively. Sequel excelled at these skills, particularly the latter, to such an extent that when it came time for her and her sisters to go out and adopt humans, she found a match before she even got past the store’s front desk.

Sequel enjoyed her new home well enough. There was an older male there already, named Tiger. He was a little pushy, and always tried to eat her kitten food, but otherwise was a good pouncing target to have around. The female human pet was quite attentive and kept her fed regularly, which made up for the baths. It was the male human that Sequel found curious. After dark, Tiger and the female human pet would start long naps, but the male human pet would climb to the highest point in the house and stare at a large glowing orb, beating at a small plastic device sitting in front of the orb with his fingertips. At first the activity didn’t interest Sequel. The top of the orb was a warm, albeit slightly uncomfortable place to lay and watch the only activity in the house.

Eventually, through a process of osmosis from the orb, she began to understand. Watching the changes in the patterns on the orb, she came to understand PowerBuilder and application development. Soon, after the male pet went to bed, she would come down from her perch and continue the work left by her pet. Unfortunately, keyboards were not built with cat paws in mind. So, instead of waiting, she would come down from her perch while her pet was still there, and started to give him directions on what to do. Soon, she also began to give directions to make contributions to newsgroups on MSN and the Internet, so that she could help other cats’ pets with their PowerBuilder programming. Tiger came on as a project manager, and she still churns out projects and tools with her pet’s hands.

A portrait of the techno-kitten with her “propeller beanie”

After a hard day of on-line tech support

Sleeping on her custom, indoor tree

Whaddya mean there’s no yellow pages category for “Cat Owners”?

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